Naomi Rothschild

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Hello. My name is Robin, and I met my beautiful aunt for the first time on April 30th, 1946. It was actually a day that could’ve really “tossed around the cards” and changed history for her son, Michael, but luckily it didn’t. You see, I was born to Naomi’s sister on the same day that her soon-to-be-husband Carl asked her out for the first time, and she turned him down…. saying that her sister had just had a baby and she needed to go to the hospital. (That was my aunt --ever the woman putting people she loved first, and always making them her top priority – traits I bet every ONE of you here today have seen and experienced in some form.) Of course her Jewish mother almost plotzed at the thought of letting a potential doctor-husband get away, but it all worked out okay, because Grandma Kate invited Carl back for dinner soon after that… and Rothschild soon “trumped” Bloom! I simply tell you this little story because it is SO representative of what a loving, caring woman Naomi was… everything and everyone she touched.

I am standing here today speaking, not only from MY heart, but on behalf of the hearts of four other siblings who grew up with Naomi in their lives. Having the good fortune of living so close to Naomi, Carl, and ultimately, Michael, we were as much “her children” as we were our own parents’. And let me tell you what ALL five of us can tell you about Naomi Rothschild: This woman had more drive, energy, philanthropy, and enthusiasm than anyone we’ve ever known. She was artistic, visionary, creative, well-travelled, unrelenting, AVAILABLE, smart, hard-working, genuine, grounded, principaled, kind, thoughtful, playful, athletic, determined, a great daughter, sister, aunt and grandmother (and don’t get me started on what type of MOTHER she was, because I’d never be able to finish my speech and step down if you asked me to do THAT)…and really, the most incredible and special relative I’ve ever had.

Whenever we’d call Naomi, we could usually expect to hear her say: “What’s cookin’??”…..which, translated, actually meant “I love you, and I care about everything that’s important to you.” And let me tell you: This woman could “rally!” – whether for a global cause, or simply for something that any one of US felt passionate about. That was Naomi. Naomi Leah Bloom Rothschild…. Queen of Everything. The woman who definitely “softened the blow” of some of the tougher parenting we five got! One Brownes’ Terrace was definitely a warm and interesting place to be during our growing-up years. And speaking of those growing-up years, even though she only had ONE child to schlepp around and pack lunches for, she was “there” for every special milestone of her sister’s five kids.

So, if you look at us, or talk to us…… it’s pretty easy to see the lasting influence she had on us – on our values, on how we looked at the world, and ultimately, on who we became. Actually we think that Naomi Rothschild was “pretty much our most-favorite-of-all-time-in-the history-of- ever” person. …. And during this period of mourning, just listen to some of the great stories we each have to tell about how Naomi impacted us personally, and then you’ll see why our gratitude for her having graced this world and our joyful celebration of her long life completely “trumps” the sorrow of our loss.

Naomi…… I speak for Bob, and Richie, and Rafe and Randi when I thank you for your love and your life….. a life in which you had plenty of room to share with the Scheinblums. And aren’t WE the lucky ones?

We love you “to the moon and back.”…. ‘always have; always will.

Rest in peace, Naomi……

Love, “Ruth and Freddy’s Kids”