Naomi Rothschild

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Of the hundreds of wonderful memories I have of my Aunt Naomi, including walking with her (and with her walker) at an Englewood breast cancer awareness event, and building a playground with her and my dear wife Sherrill for a charity in Dallas, Texas, the memory that stands out in my mind occurred one night about 1 AM when we were doing a jigsaw puzzle in her living room.

I had a piece in my hand and was trying to find where it would fit.  Naomi took the piece out of my hand and set it in a spot that I could tell it didn't belong.  I said "Naomi, that piece does not fit there".  She replied, without a second thought, "If you press hard enough, it will fit".  That was my Aunt Naomi and that was her philosophy of life.


If you press hard enough, the hospital will have to build their parking lot around your house.  If you press hard enough, a devastating  car accident will not slow you down.  If you press hard enough, you can touch the lives of hundreds  if not thousands of people in a loving , positive way.  If you press hard enough you can live your life your way and bask in the love and admiration and appreciation of family and friends. 

That is my Aunt Naomi. She now lives in my heart and in my mind. 

- Bob Scheinblum, read by Rafe Scheinblum